Wilma de Bruijn (Eurapco)

‘The world around us is changing rapidly. We have to learn far more to handle uncertainties. To cope with these uncertainties it is necessary to gain real connections with each other.Appropriate use of the Yijing and more knowledge of the ancient Chinese philosophy helps us in achieving this and deserves our serious attention. The Yijing […]

Ron Tolido (Cap Gemini)

‘The crisis had many worse sides, but it helped us to let us think about another kind of meaning of organisations. There is a shift from the old means, mainly covering the interests of clients. This needed change can be highly inspired by the Yijing. As with systematic innovation it handles strong patterns; the 64 […]

Jenny Elissen (Newgenes)

‘it’s now 15 years ago that I became aware of the role that our subconscious plays in our lives. that we are never alone but interconnected. In my personal journey, and since 2011 in my ventures, I rely on universal feedback. Marcel learned me how to apply the Yijing in business situations. This has become […]

Herman Wijffels (icon)

‘we experience the transition phase to a circular economy, inviting us to accept new paradigms. Means and methods from the old paradigm are not suited to create the new.Therefore we have to be open for new methods to support the decision making process. Profound help from our intuition is very welcome’.