‘there is nothing permanent except CHANGE’ (Heraclitus)

‘look deep into NATURE, and you will understand everything better’ (Albert Einstein)

Join our innovative way to let CHANGE HELP you finding the best STRATEGIES for your organisation (or part of it).

Organisations are living and adaptive systems, operating in their own ecosystem. Lessons from nature are applicable. Organisations can be seen as characteristic energy systems with their own patterns and perspectives. In our disruptive Quantum Strategy Scan we unfold these energy patterns with a highly proven scientific methodology, based on millennia old empiric wisdom from ancient China.
In its result it is only comparable with very demanding and costly scans, based on chaos theory.

Our Quantum Strategy Scan offers you:
Low burden: about one day interview with your MT
Speed: first report with findings and specific recommendations within a month
Alignment: the interview generates shared views within your MT
Effective strategies: as outcome of our discussions and intervention

We unfold your organisation to get a deep insight in the actual situation and to be able to offer realistic, natural, but often yet hardly visible, logic alternatives. It often allows you to act in an early stage, saving time and money in a way that does not burden the organisation too much. And achieving amazing results. Fertilise, prune or hack.

In addition we are able to offer Implementation Scenario Prevaluation. Showing you the outcome of decisions before these are made.

Curious? Congratulations; that is a first step to vitalise your organisation!

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[On 29th July 2019 we reached the global World Overshoot Day (WWF report 2019), meaning that mankind used an amount of earthly resources in 7 month that our earth can only replace needing one whole year. For Europe that date is the 10th of May and for the Netherlands the 4th of May.

It demonstrates that we did not sufficiently learn to tackle problems in the bud, but usually start to seriously act if problems become that big that we no longer have a choice to neglect these. In organisations and companies we often see the same irresponsible attitude. By our Quantum Strategy Scan we may help to avoid these inconvenient situations.]

Find our Dutch description of our Quantum Strategy Scan: